Restructuring, Insolvency, Bankruptcy

When a business gets into financial trouble our lawyers are ready to provide immediate advice regarding all types of debt restructuring, and insolvency and bankruptcy issues, and to offer comprehensive strategies to our clients. Our clients know that by working in close co-operation with our lawyers their interests are protected in the best possible way, irrespective of whether a client is a debtor a creditor.

Restructuring, Insolvency, Bankruptcy

We advise debtors or creditors on how to prevent insolvency and restructure debt. We help directors of insolvent companies to protect themselves from personal liabilities in order to duly fulfil their sometimes conflicting legal duties towards the company and its creditors or shareholders.

Our lawyers represent our clients in enforcement and execution procedures, advise on relevant steps to be taken before entering into insolvency or how to get through insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings in most effective way. We negotiate with debtors, creditors, the authorities or insolvency trustees and we represent our clients in related legal disputes.

Legal services provided by our team include helping our clients in regard to:

  • Analyzing the legal position of a debtor/creditor with regard to insolvency or bankruptcy
  • Group reorganizations, demergers, acquisitions and restructuring of solvent and insolvent companies, the return of capital to shareholders, and the sale of distressed assets or debts
  • Structuring of re-financing of existing debt, including insolvency resolution and restructuring of existing collateral arrangements
  • Registering creditors’ claims and representation in related disputes, such as on determination of legitimacy, the amount or order of a claim, and representing clients on creditor committees
  • Drafting and filing an insolvency petition, a petition for reorganization, or a bankruptcy declaration, and drafting related documentation
  • We have been collaborating over the long term with reliable executors and insolvency trustees
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